lunes, agosto 28, 2006

FOR RENT in NY-- Lincoln Center, coming soon

Así es: ahora, en septiembre, como parte del ciclo LATIN BEAT organizado por The New York Film Society, la misma que organiza The NY Film Festival y edita Film Comment. La verdad es que es todo un honor (qué, un sueño cumplido)
haber sido seleccionado y saber que la cinta se exhibirá en la mítico Walter Reade Theater

Las fechas son estas:

Tue Sept 19: 6:30*
Wed Sept 20: 2
Sun Sept 24: 6*

*Intro/Q&A with Alberto Fuguet

Esto es lo que salio publicado en la pagina web y, me imagino, en esos afiches que están frente al cine:

Series: LatinBeat [September 8 - 24 2006]
Director: Alberto Fuguet, Country: Chile, Release: 2005, Runtime: 109

34-year-old Gastón Fernández has no money, job, girlfriend, friends or any ambitions in life. He´s a composer who doesn´t compose. The one-time "most likely to succeed" at Santiago´s Musical Conservatory has passed from promise to failure. He is haunted by his own alter ego, a sort of doppelgänger dressed in a black coat, who watches each and every one of his steps from a city that is and is not Santiago. Is this strange, empty and foggy city part of his past or is it an invention?

Forced by his father to stop acting like the teenager he no longer is, Gastón Fernández gets a job as a realtor for his father´s business and soon he begins to see a new city. The empty apartments he shows will begin to fill up with new people with new stories that will help him understand and value his own. This is the first film by writer Alberto Fuguet (Tinta roja), based on his novel by the same name.

SE ARRIENDA también será parte, por esos mismos días, del festival de cine latinoamericano de Washington DC, que se desarrollará en los cines del American Film Institute en Silver Springs, Maryland, justo ahi en la frontera con "el distrito"