jueves, diciembre 28, 2006

la cara de un artista... segun KAZAN

releyendo un libro de entrevistas a Kazan. Me encuentro con esto, a partir del personaje central de AMERICA, AMERICA que no he visto hace años (ademas, la vi en VHS). Fascinante su reflexion sobre lo que implica ser artista. Un artista ademas tiene la cara del artista, segun Kazan. Una cara de alguien levemente demente.

"I have always believed that a person of spirit can become either an artist, a gangster, a prize fighter, or a radical. The impulses are very related... When you see an artist´s face, there´s often something threating about it. They look at you and they are tough. An artist -I mean a good one, not a hack- makes his loved ones pay. The same thing with a fighter. He looks half-scared as if all he´s got is his fists. A gangster´s the same way. He´s proud. He´s going to live well. And a radical will do anything to change things. Stavros is like that, too. He´ll do anything to change his condition..."